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About Jen X Studios

All videos include or are directed by the one and only Jenna Haze

At the end of 2008, after 8 years of being in the industry, I decided that it was time for me to step up and start creating my own content and making my own movies. I wanted to see my own personal visions and fantasies make the journey from my X-rated imagination to the screen, which meant getting behind the camera. So I began directing, producing, calling the shots, picking the sets, the cast, the wardrobe. I wanted the hottest girls, in the sexiest outfits, enjoying and enhancing my oh-so-dirtiest of scenarios. I'm a perfectionist and only wanted my name to be attached to the highest possible quality of adult material, and with that attention to depraved detail in mind I launched Jennaration X Studios at the AVN/Adult Entertainment Expo in January of 2009. Just two years later, in 2011, three separate DVD titles of mine won major adult industry awards from AVN, solidifying that nobody comes up with hotter and nastier ideas than me, and that I had been successful and overdue in my mission to bring those ideas to the perverted public.

Since then, the industry and the ways in which people get their content have changed, and now I'll be shifting my primary focus from DVDs to online material. On this site you'll be able to regularly get the newest and highest quality adult videos and photo sets from my studio, as soon as they're done, without having to wait for manufacturing. The filthiest ideas go from my mind to your screen with nothing unnecessary in the way. Also, we're very aggressive at protecting our videos from piracy, which means you'll definitely only be able to see them here. So....if you're a serious smut fan salivating for the sluttiest and sexiest scenarios with the hottest and horniest girls, what are you waiting for?

XOXO - Jenna Haze

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